ICS2: new process for Entry by Air

Are you importing goods by air from outside the European Union into the EU Customs Union? You must file your entry declaration with Import Control System 2 (ICS2), release 2 by 1 October 2023 at the latest. Until then, you can file your ENS declaration with ICS1.

What is Import Control System 2 (ICS2)?

ICS2 is the automated customs entry process that applies to the whole EU. This process monitors the safety of the external border. The European Commission aims to increase the data quality, in order to make a better risk analysis in advance. Automation of the process must also ensure better exchange of data between the EU Member States.

Find more information about the ICS2 project on the following pages of the European Commission:

How does this affect you?

  • Soon you must submit the Notification of Arrival (NA) and Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) in the Shared Trader Interface (STI). New system specifications are available for both declarations.
  • To be able to file the ENS more data is needed  than before. For more information, also read the 'Memo Informatie over HS-codes en EORI-nummers', only available in Dutch, attached to the meeting documents of the Focus Group ODB ICS2 (Import Control System 2) of 9 February 2023.
  • You need to submit part of the ENS data earlier than usual. These are the pre-load data. Ask your software suppliers how to prepare for this. Or read 'What do I have to do to connect to the STI?'
  • The process for Temporary Storage for air cargo is also changing. Read about it in 'New process for Temporary Storage of air cargo'.
  • The Union Customs Code, UCC (Douanewetboek van de Unie) allows for multiple filing of ENS data by different persons. This is called 'multiple filing'. The UCC also regulates that if you submit data from the ENS, you can reuse this data for the temporary storage declaration (aangifte tijdelijke opslag, ATO). Reuse of ENS data will be possible from 1 December 2023. You can read more about this in the memo 'Multiple filing in the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) en hergebruik van ENS-gegevens in de aangifte tot tijdelijke opslag (ATO) ('Multiple filing in the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) and reuse of ENS data in the declaration to temporary storage (ATO))' attached to the ODB ICS2/Introduction Sounding Board Group meeting documents dated 14 April 2022 (only available in Dutch).

The 'Dutch Customs National Helpdesk' remains your point of contact for questions about and support for the automated processes.

Why this change?

These changes are the result of the Union Customs Code (UCC). The aim is to gradually harmonise the customs entry process throughout the EU. The first process to be aligned is the one for bringing in goods at the 1st EU airport of entry.

More information can be found on 'UCC - Work Programme', on the European Commission website.

Timetable for moving to the new ICS2 system specifications

Technical information

The new system specifications for the ENS and the NA at the 1st STI entry point are part of the new ICS2 Harmonised Trader Interface (ICS2-HTI).

The system specifications for ICS2-HTI for the declaration of importing air cargo have been published in the public online community 'ICS 2 Release 2: air cargo general, postal and express pre-arrival'.

Visit the 'Dutch Customs National Helpdesk' website for the latest updates and availability .

Do you have any questions?

Read more under 'ICS2 Entry of Goods: where can I go with questions?'

Or watch our webinar 'Veranderingen Binnenbrengen en Tijdelijke opslag' (webinar in Dutch with subtitling in English).

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