From AGS and G(S)PA to DMS

Customs has started replacing AGS, Venue and G(S)PA by a new system, the Customs Management System (DMS).

From AGS and G(S)PA to DMS: what will change for you?

Do you file entry, exit and supplementary declarations with AGS? From 1 December 2023 at the latest, you will have to file declarations with DMS.


What is the planning for DMS taking effect?

The transition from AGS for DMS will be in stages. We start in March 2023 with the declarants who only file declarations for entry and storage. From May 2023 onwards, the declarants follow who file declarations for export or a combination of entry, storage and exit. On 1 January 2024, all of the declarants must have switched to the new system.


How do you prepare for DMS?

Start early preparations for the migration from AGS to DMS. Read about what you have to think about and how you prepare yourself well.


All documentation on the migration from AGS to DMS

You can find all documentation containing relevant information about the migration from AGS to DMS on 1 page.


Where can you go if you have questions about DMS?

Do you, as a company or a software developer, have questions about the migration from AGS to DMS? Read where you can go to when you have specific questions.


Why do you need to switch to DMS?

The reason for replacing AGS and G(S)PA is the implementation of new laws and regulations from the European Union (EU). For more information read:

The EU has also decided that by 1 January 2023, every declarant will only be able to file online declarations. But since that is not achievable, the European Union (EU) has granted an extension to 1 December 2023.

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