Provisioning and bunkering

Do you want to bring supplies or bunkers on board a sea-going vessel? If so, you must first inform the Customs Administration. You report the shipment no later than 2 hours before delivery of the goods on board with the Notification form for provisions/bunkers (only available in Dutch). You then send the completed form per email or (for supplies of choice) via an electronic message. After reporting your shipment, you do not have to bring the goods to the Customs Administration office, but you can bring them directly on board at the time you have specified.

Notifications for provisioning can only be done digitally after 1 September 2017

Starting 1 September 2017, you can only submit the reports of planned provisioning to the Customs Administration digitally via the Maritime Single Window (only available in Dutch). This applies to provisioners and ship suppliers. The introduction of phase 2 of the Maritime Single Window includes this obligation.

Preparation time

In order to give you sufficient preparation time, you have until 29 December 2017 to link up with the Maritime Single Window and to instigate the new reporting method. We advise you to contact a software vendor who can set up the electronic messaging for you. As of 29 December 2017, your e-mail notifications will no longer be handled.

Emergency procedure

The current, commonly-used reporting method of sending an e-mail with attachment to the mailbox will only be used as an emergency procedure after 29 December 2017. You may use this option only if the Customs Administration gives you permission to do so.


Do you have any questions about the change? if so, send us an email via:

Current reporting method: by mail and electronically

You must report the shipment no later than 2 hours before delivery of the goods on board. A commonly used reporting method is by e-mail, containing the completed and attached Notification form for provisions/bunkers (only available in Dutch). But you can, at present, also submit your notification for provisions via an electronic message for the goods that you are provisioning. This can be done with a Registration for electronic communications for provisions.

Did you send a notification by e-mail? Then you may be asked to submit all of the documents. Do you have a Registration for electronic communications? After you have submitted the notification, you may then be asked to submit all of the documents (in digital form). No later than the next business day, you must then submit the customs declarations and / or the electronic Administrative Documents (e-AD) to at Central reporting centre for provisioning.

For the whole of the Netherlands, you report your provisioning shipment to:
Centraal reporting centre for provisions
Customs Administration Office Port of Rotterdam
Maasvlakte Office
Bosporusstraat 5
3199 LJ  Maasvlakte Rotterdam

E-mail address:

The following reports are to be submitted to

  • notification for deliveries of bunkers to sea-going vessels
  • notification from another EU Member State for planned deliveries of sea bunkers in the Netherlands

Electronic communications for provisions

With a registration for electronic communications for provisions, you can digitally submit reports of planned deliveries of provisions through the automated Customs Manifest system. Because everything is processed automatically, the turnaround time is faster. In this "reporting of provisions," you can refer to the relevant (re) export and transit declarations.

Are you submitting this report for goods which are under the (customs administration) regime for (re-) export? After departure of the outgoing transport, a message 'confirmation of exit' is then generated.

Are you submitting this report for goods which are under the customs transit procedure? And do you have a Permit for admitted addressee? Then you do not need to submit the accompanying document.

You request that registration with the form: Request for Registration for electronic messaging (only available in Dutch).

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