Customs representation

There are three different ways to make declarations for someone else:

  • as the declarant (status code representative: 1)
    You make the declaration in your own name and on your own account.
  • as the direct representative (status code representative: 2)
  • as the indirect representative (status code representative: 3)

You act as a customs representative when you make a declaration as a direct or indirect representative.

What are the general requirements for customs representation?

  • The customs representative must be established in the customs territory of the European Union.
    The person involved can also act as a representative in other countries of the customs territory of the Union.
  • Countries of the customs territory of the Union must admit customs representatives from other countries of the Union when these representatives fulfil the AEO criteria.
  • Conditions that a customs representative must fulfil can be provided domestically.

What are the conditions for admission as a customs representative?

In the Netherlands, all customs representatives must fulfil the AEO criteria in order to be able to represent parties directly or indirectly in:

  • making a customs declaration
  • making a declaration for temporary storage
  • making an entry summary declaration
  • making an exit summary declaration
  • making an re-export declaration
  • making a re-export notification

The AEO criteria pertain to:

  • compliance
  • efficient system of managing commercial and transport records
  • financial solvency
  • practical standards of competence

The AEO criteria have been further elaborated specifically for customs representatives in consultation with the sector organisations, including FENEX. The requirements imposed on systems of managing commercial and transport records and the practical standards of competence have been detailed and published in the Customs Manual, Chapter 2.00.00, paragraph 5 (only available in Dutch).

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