Central Import and Export Office (CDIU) - General

Customs supervises the import and export of goods, checks whether the taxes due are paid and whether goods comply with the regulations at the time of export.

The export, import and transit of strategic goods and strategic services are strictly bound by rules. In many cases, you require a licence or you must submit a notification. Sanctions apply to certain countries. This means that you may not - or not without reason - import or export certain goods or services from or to these countries.

Central Import and Export Office

The Customs Central Import and Export Office (CDIU) is responsible for providing information about and the issue of licences for the import and export of these goods and services. The CDIU:

  • provides information about the licence application procedure or about submitting the notification
  • deals with your application
  • issues the licences
  • draws up reports on licences issued

For more information, you can contact the CDIU:

Douane Groningen/Centrale dienst voor in- en uitvoer
Postbus 3070 
6401 DN Heerlen
Telephone: +31 88 151 21 22

Submitting applications and notifications

As from 1 January 2012, you can submit licence applications and notifications to the CDIU in digital form:

  • download the form you require
  • complete the form
  • save the completed form
  • send the form via berichtenbox.antwoordvoorbedrijven.nl
    The message box is a secure e-mail system which you can use to exchange digital messages with Dutch government bodies.

You do not have to sign the form if you submit it in digital form.

If you submit the notification or the application on paper, you must place your signature:

  • download the form you require
  • complete the form
  • print the completed form
  • sign the form
  • send the form to the CDIU (see the postal address above)

More information about export control

On the website of the Government of the Netherlands, you can find more information about export control regimes and export control policy. The Strategic Goods Manual can also be found here. It contains information about:

  • which specific goods are subject to export control regimes
  • what the rules and procedures are for applying for export licences

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