Strategic goods

Strategic goods are goods of which export, import and transit to certain countries is prohibited or only allowed under certain conditions. This is for reasons of security and international agreements. This concerns specific goods that:

  • can be used for military purposes
  • can be used for both civil and military purposes
  • can be used for manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and/or for manufacturing carriers for such weapons

The export, import and transit of strategic goods is strictly governed by rules. The basic principle is that import, export or transit requires a licence or must be reported.

The Customs Administration Groningen/Central Office for Import and Export (CDIU):

  • provides information on the licence application procedure or on submitting a report
  • deals with your application
  • issues the licences
  • draws up reports on licences issued

For further information, please contact:

Customs Administration of the Netherlands/Central Office for Import and Export (CDIU) 
Kempkensberg 12 
9722 TB Groningen

Mailing address 
PO box 3070 
6401 DN Heerlen

Or call the Customs Information Line.

Fax: +31 88 151 31 82

Further information on what are known as export control regimes and on export control policy can be found on the Internet site of the Ministry of Economic Affairs: Export controls and Strategic Goods. The Handbook on Strategic Goods can also be found there. This book contains the following information:

  • which specific goods are subject to the export control regimes, and
  • what the rules and procedures are for applying for export licences

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