Travelling with a pet? Or having a pet sent to the Netherlands?

  • Arrange vaccinations and travel documents for the animal in time.
  • You are allowed to bring up to 5 pets with you.
  • You must be the owner of the pet, or a representative authorised by the owner accompanying the pet.
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets must be fitted with a microchip or be clearly and legibly marked with a tattooed number and be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Pets are not allowed to be intended for trade.
  • Each pet must have a health certificate or a pet passport (rabies).

On the website of The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) you can read all about the rules for traveling with pets.

Travelling within the European Union (EU)

Are you travelling with a dog, cat or ferret? You need an EU passport; your veterinary can provide this for you. The animal must be vaccinated against rabies and have an identification chip.

Other (temporary) rules and restrictions may also be imposed for bringing pets with you within the EU.

Travelling to the European Union

Importing pets from outside the EU is under stringent requirements. Are you bringing in an animal from outside the EU? You then need a health certificate for the animal, and sometimes a compulsory blood test is required. Your veterinary will have to do this several months before departure.

Read more about this on the website of the European Union.

Paying tax on pets and other animals

Have you bought pets or other animals outside the EU and did they cost more than € 430? And are you bringing them into the EU for the first time? Then these animals are subject to import regulations and you must pay tax on them.

Protected animal species

Are you bringing in a protected animal species? You must have a CITES document. Please check with your veterinary or the authorities in the country of departure. They know if an animal is a protected species.

Animal diseases abroad

An animal disease can be prevalent at your holiday destination. Pathogen can 'free-ride' with any pet you bring with you or with your luggage. Be careful about direct contact with animals abroad.

More information

Travelling with live animals? It is advisable to let yourself be well informed by your travelling agency, or the embassy of the country of destination.

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