Cash declaration


You can read the PDF by using Adobe Reader. You can download this programme from Adobe. The Customs Administration of the Netherlands is not responsible for the installation and use of the reader.

Complete this declaration if you enter or leave the EU with liquid assets worth € 10,000 or more. Or an equivalent value in another currency.

Liquid assets are:

  • cash
  • bearer negotiable 'instruments' such as (travel) cheques, promissory notes or bearer payment orders
  • security carriers, such as coins with a gold content of 90% or more and bullion with a gold content of at least 99.5%

Do you need to fill in 1 or more extra sheets? Use the 2nd form for this purpose: cash declaration - additional sheet.

Read more about declaring liquid assets

Completion instructions

Fill in this form on your computer. For this, you will need Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher. Next:

  • Print the form.
  • Sign the form.
  • File your declaration by submitting the form to Customs.

Dutch Customs only accepts declaration forms completed in Dutch, French, German or English.

Problems filling in the form?

It is best to complete the form on a computer. We cannot guarantee proper operation on a tablet or smartphone.

Unable to fill in the form on your computer? In that case, first save the form. You can do this by right-clicking on the form link and selecting 'Save Target' (this term may be different from one browser to another).

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