EORI - Application EORI number for companies headquartered inside the Netherlands


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With this form you apply for an EORI number (EORI = Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) for organisations with their head office in the Netherlands. You can also give permission for your name and address information to be shown in the EORI database of the European Commission.

Instructions for completing the form

Fill in this form on your computer. You will need Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher. After that:

  • Fill in the form electronically (i.e. not by hand).
  • Mail the form (without your signature) to the e-mail address mentioned in the form.

If you fill in the form on your computer, it can be downloaded automatically. In this way, Customs can quickly process the large flow of applications due to Brexit.

Please note!

  • A fiscal entity may not apply for an EORI number, underlying entities however can.
  • The organisation must have a valid legal form.
  • EORI numbers are available for legal entities, such as a Dutch private limited company but also for natural persons with a business - the sole proprietorship.
  • Branches do not get their own EORI number, but use the number of the head office.

Problems with completing the form?

It is best to fill in the form on a computer. We can not guarantee proper functioning on a tablet or smartphone.

If you have trouble filling in the form on your computer, try saving the form first. You can do this by clicking right on the link of the form and choosing 'Save target' (this term can be different for each browser).

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