Report excise fraud to our Meldpunt Accijnsfraude

In the Netherlands, we levy excise duty on alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and motor fuels. Do you suspect fraud with these products? Report this as soon as possible to Customs.

This is how you recognise fraud:

  • The products are offered at an incredibly low price.
  • The packaging is different from the original packaging.
  • The products are of poor quality.
  • The sale does not take place at usual points of sale.
  • Tobacco products are offered without a Dutch excise seal.
  • Tobacco products do not carry a health warning in Dutch.

Fraud can involve smuggled products and brand counterfeiting. Bona fide traders are disadvantaged by this unfair competition. Counterfeit products may also pose an additional health risk.

Report excise fraud to Customs as soon as possible

You can report excise fraud to Customs. Send an e-mail to

We treat your report as confidential, but your report is not anonymous. You can report anonymously to Meld Misdaad Anoniem via telephone number 0800 7000.