Can I buy anything I want online outside the Netherlands?

No, you are not allowed to have anything you want sent to the Netherlands.

Do not buy:

  • counterfeit items, e.g. a fake Rolex watch
  • medicines
  • narcotics, such as hashish, cocaine and heroin
  • animal products and foodstuffs, such as cheese or meat
    However these are allowed: chocolate, sweets, infant food including powder for baby milk and food for medical purposes.
  • fresh vegetables, fruit, plants, flowers, bulbs and seeds
    Unless you have a special document for this, a 'phytosanitary certificate' ('fytosanitair certificaat').
  • protected plant and animal species
    Also no products made from them, e.g. shoes made of crocodile leather or a hat with tiger fur.
  • weapons and ammunition
    Read more at Weapons and ammunition.
  • art and antiques
    You may not always send these 'cultural goods' (cultuurgoederen) to the Netherlands. If you are in doubt, ask whether you need a permit. This can be done, for example, at the Embassy of the Netherlands in the country from where you are buying the object, or with that country's Customs.