How can I reclaim import duties for my parcel from abroad?

Imagine you finally found the perfect pair of trainers and you immediately ordered them from a store in the United States.

When the delivery person comes, you suddenly have to pay more than you expected. That is because of the tax you have to pay.

Sometimes, you pay too much. This can happen, for example, if the tax is calculated on the wrong product. Or if the value of your product is less than the amount on which the tax is calculated.

I do not accept the parcel

If you do not accept the parcel, you will not have to pay the additional costs. But unfortunately, neither will you receive the trainers.

Can I also object to the costs?

That is possible, but you will first have to pay the additional costs to the delivery person.

If you object to the import duties you have to pay you can lodge an objection. Find out how below.

If you disagree with the costs charged by the courier service, you will have to approach the courier to find out on how to proceed.

And what happens to the import duties if I return the parcel?

If you’re not satisfied with the product you ordered and are set to return it, you can claim back the import duties by means of an objection.

Do make sure you have proof that the product was exported from the European Union. You must send this proof to us along with the objection. Please contact the courier service for such proof.

How to lodge an objection

There are 2 ways of doing this: you can have it done for you or you can do it yourself. Which ever way you choose, do it within 6 weeks.

Have the postal or courier service object to the import duties

Please ask your postal or courier service how this works. Because it can differ from company to company.

You object to the import duties yourself

In this case, you will have to write a letter to Customs. This letter has to include the following information:

  • the reason for disagreeing with the amount of tax you have to pay
    Please enclose supporting documents, which should at least include a copy of the internet order and a copy of proof of payment.
  • the import declaration number
    This number can be found in the authorisation you received from the postal or courier service.
  • your name, address and signature

Also enclose the following:

  • a written authorisation from the postal or courier service stating that you are allowed to object on their behalf
  • a copy of the invoice by the postal or courier service

Submit the letter to:

Postbus 3070 
6401 DN Heerlen