How can I claim the extra charges back on my parcel from abroad?

You’ve finally found the perfect pair of trainers online and ordered them from a website in a country outside the European Union (EU) . When they finally arrive an unpleasant surprise awaits. Those trainers turn out to be more expensive than expected.

The reason? Orders placed on goods outside the EU often incur extra charges. You pay these to the parcel carrier.

For example:

  • btw (VAT)
  • import duties
  • clearance charges

However, sometimes you can be charged too much. For example, because the tax was calculated on the wrong product, or because the value of the item is lower than the value on which the tax was calculated.

It can also happen that the parcel carrier charges VAT, when you have already paid to the online shop when you made the purchase.

What can you do if you disagree with these additional charges?

Of course, you can refuse delivery of the parcel. You will then be rid of the cost, but also of those lovely trainers.

You can also request a refund of the additional charges. In that case, pay these to the parcel carrier first and ask for proof of payment. Did you already pay VAT to the online shop when you placed your order? Then you can use the proof of payment to claim the excess VAT back from the online shop.

Were the import duties calculated incorrectly? Then you can request a refund from us. You can read how to do this below.

Have other costs been charged by the parcel carrier? Then you can ask them or the online shop how you can claim them back.

How can you claim back import duties that you have paid?

To reclaim paid import duties you must request a refund within 6 weeks. This can be done in 2 ways:

Through the parcel carrier

Ask the parcel carrier how this works, because this can vary from company to company.

Arrange it yourself

Write a letter to the Douane. In it you put:

  • why you do not agree with the tax amount
  • a copy of the purchase receipt and proof of payment
  • an authorisation from the parcel carrier that you are making the request on their behalf, with the number of the import declaration
  • a copy of the invoice from the postal and courier company
  • your name, address and signature

Send the request to:

Postbus 3070 
6401 DN Heerlen

Please note!

Please put all the above details in your request and send all documents with it, otherwise we will not be able to process it.

What happens next?

You will usually receive a response from us within 6 weeks. Sometimes it takes a little longer.

Can you claim the extra costs back if you decide to return your purchase?

Are you not satisfied with those new trainers after all and do you want to return them? In that case you can also request a refund of import duties paid. To do so, you will need proof that the product was exported from the EU. You must request this from the parcel carrier.

Did you not pay VAT when ordering but did pay it on delivery? Then you can also reclaim it from us.

If you paid VAT to the online shop when ordering, you can reclaim the purchase amount including the VAT paid from the online shop.