Flow of goods

The blue flow of goods for unknown businesses: in principle, Dutch Customs performs checks at the border, based on risk selection and risk analysis.

The green flow of goods for proven reliable market participants: Dutch Customs makes observations - in principle outside the logistics process - in order to check the correctness of shipment details.

The yellow flow of goods for smart and secure logistics chains (smart & secure trade lanes): Dutch Customs is working on making complete chains secure, partly based on the automated exchange of all forms of checking information within the entire logistics chain. Companies that meet Dutch Customs requirements can apply for a so-called AEO licence. The status of Authorised Economic Operator is an important part of the Pushing Boundaries vision and offers companies advantages in international trade. The extent to which a company is given facilities for inspection depends on the type of licence.

There are two types of AEO licence:

  • AEO customs simplifications
  • AEO security

Both licences may also be issued in combination.

The licences are valid throughout the European Union. Since the introduction of AEO certification, customs has had two flows of goods: those from certified companies and those from non-certified companies. The facilities associated with AEO certification include:

  • fewer physical and documentation checks
  • priority at checks
  • the holder of a licence may request that a check be carried out at a particular location

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