New process for Temporary Storage of sea cargo

Are you importing goods by sea from outside the European Union (EU) into the EU Customs Union? By 4 December 2024 at the latest you will have to file the Temporary Storage Declaration (TSD) in the Single Window for Maritime and Aviation according to new system specifications.

How does this affect you?

To file your TSD, you can continue to use the current Single Window for Maritime and Aviation. Software providers know these systems as the Trade and Transport Gateway (HTG).

The 'Dutch Customs National Helpdesk' remains your point of contact for questions about and support for the automated processes.

The customs entry process and the Notification of Arrival (NA) will also change. Find more information on this on 'ICS2: New process for Entry by Sea'.

Timetable for Temporary Storage of air cargo new TSD system specifications

  • new system specifications ATO maritime: available at the Dutch Customs National Helpdesk website.
  • starting date new system specifications for ATO maritime: 3 June 2024
  • transition period: from 3 June 2024 to 4 December 2024

By 4 December 2024 at the latest, you need to have implemented the new ATO system specifications.

Why this change?

These changes are the result of the Union Customs Code (UCC). This way, the current data TSD components will be connected to the new TSD data components. It also makes it possible to re-use data from the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) in the TSD.

You can read more about this in the memo 'Multiple filing in the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) en hergebruik van ENS-gegevens in de aangifte tot tijdelijke opslag (ATO) ('Multiple filing in the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) and reuse of ENS data in the declaration to temporary storage (ATO))' attached to the ODB ICS2/Introduction Sounding Board Group meeting documents dated 14 April 2022 (only available in Dutch).

More information can be found about the changes on 'UCC - Work Programme', the website of the European Commission.

Technical information

The new system specifications for the TSD for maritime has been integrated into the existing MIG Single Window and has been published on 'Dutch Customs National Helpdesk'.

More information

Want to know in advance what to expect from the new Temporary Storage process? Watch our webinar 'Veranderingen Binnenbrengen en Tijdelijke opslag' (webinar in Dutch with subtitling in English).

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