Costs with x-ray scan and inspection in the port of Rotterdam

Customs does not charge any costs for scanning and physically inspecting a container. However, you as declarant must make the scan or inspection possible by Customs. The actions that are required for this will be charged. These actions will almost always be carried out by third parties, on the authority of you as declarant:

  • transport from and to the x-ray scan
  • measurement hazardous gases
  • loading and unloading with the inspection
  • coordination and administration

Transport from and to the x-ray scan

Will a container be scanned? Then you, as declarant, have to bring or let others bring the container from the terminal to the x-ray scan and return it. Usually the terminal hires a transporter for this. Customs calls this work method 'offering through the internal track'. You can request the rates in question at the terminal where the container has landed up.

Under a number of conditions (for example, when you have an AEO authorisation) other parties are also allowed to offer the container at the x-ray scan. Customs calls this work method 'offering through the external track'. The scanning administration of the customs office of Rotterdam Haven ( grants permission to do so.

Measurement hazardous gases

Has Customs decided to carry out a physical inspection of a container? Then you, as declarant, must see to it that the inspection can take place in a safe way. Through a measurement it has to be established whether there are any hazardous gases in the container. If this is the case, the container must be degassed. After this you can offer the container with goods again for inspection.

Loading and unloading

With an inspection you must offer the container opened. Depending on the thoroughness of the inspection Customs decides whether the container has to be loaded in its entirety or partly. Customs does not carry out this loading and unloading itself. You, as the person submitting the declaration, must do this or have this done by others.

Deltalinqs (the advocate of logistical and industrial companies in the Port of Rotterdam) has elected two companies on behalf of the port community for measuring gas and loading and unloading containers with an inspection. Customs has approved of these companies for this purpose:

  • Matrans B.V. (at customs inspection shed Maasvlakte)
  • Kramer B.V. (at customs inspection shed in the Eem-Waalhaven area)

These companies apply standard rates, depending on the scope of the work. You can request the rates at the companies in question.

Coordination and administration

The transporter who has been hired by the terminal and the companies who carry out the gas measurement and load and unload the container will send their invoices to the ship broker. The ship broker passes on these costs to you and (usually) charges a fee for the administration and coordination. Ship brokers have their own rates for this.

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