What are the tasks of Customs in the area of the economy? That information is given in this part of the website.

Strategic goods

Strategic goods are goods of which export, import and transit to certain countries is prohibited or only allowed under certain conditions.


Counterfeit goods

If you own an intellectual property right to a product, nobody may copy that product unless you have given your explicit permission for that to be done. If you suspect that your intellectual property right is being or will be infringed upon in the Netherlands or in another Member State of the EU, you may ask Customs to take measures to stop that infringement.


Traffic control fee for seagoing vessels entering the Netherlands

Pursuant to a covenant between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Customs charges seagoing vessels a traffic control fee.


Import and export of cultural goods

Exporting cultural goods (such as arts and antiques) is subject to strict rules. A licence is required in most cases. For exports of cultural goods, Customs monitors that those goods are accompanied by such a licence.


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