What are the tasks of Customs regarding the security in the European Union? That information is given in this part of the website.

Weapons and ammunition

The Weapons and Ammunition Act sets out to counter the illegal possession of weapons and ammunition in the Netherlands. Therefore this law prohibits a large number of activities involving weapons and ammunition.


Sanctions for export and import

The export of certain goods to certain countries is prohibited or a licence is required for it. This is a result of national and/or international sanction measures.


Opium act (drugs)

You are not allowed to bring narcotics (goods falling under the Opium Act) across the Dutch border. An exception is made if you have a licence for this purpose.


Drug precursors

Certain chemicals may be used for producing narcotics. These chemicals are also called drug precursors. If you bring drug precursors into the European Union, trade, store or transport them, you should have a licence.


Medicines (for business users only)

The government does not want medicines to be brought into the market that can be a health hazard, or the effectiveness of which is not certain. In order to achieve this goal, there is a prohibition on bringing medicines into Dutch territory without a license.


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