Customs Notification


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Customs controls the management of permits. To exercise control Customs is empowered to require you in the permit to report certain actions. You are required to report that you will be loading or departing, for example, or that an emergency procedure has been initiated. You can make that report with the Customs Notification (only available in Dutch). 

You should fax the notification to the customs office with jurisdiction covering the location of the goods. The competent customs region is shown in the Customs Offices list (only available in Dutch: Kantorenlijst Douane).

Customs has the following central reporting centres:
Tax and customs administration/Customs Rotterdam/Rijnmond
E-mail: (preference)
Tel: 088 - 151 41 10
Fax: 088 - 151 45 54

Tax and Customs Administration/Customs Schiphol Cargo
The Central Operations Point Schiphol
Tel: 088 - 158 27 80
Fax: 088 - 158 27 83

Tax and Customs Administration/Customs Nijmegen
Werk Uitgifte Punt Nijmegen
Tel: 088 - 151 22 55
Fax: 088 - 151 31 40

Tax and Customs Administration/Customs Groningen
Werk Uitgifte Punt Groningen
Tel: 088 - 151 21 29
Fax: 088 - 151 31 83

Tax and Customs Administration/Customs Roosendaal
Bedrijven Contactpunt (Business Contact point)
E-mail: (preference)
Phone: 088 - 157 44 66
Fax: 088 - 157 44 67

Tax and Customs Administration/Customs Eindhoven
Tel: 088 - 157 92 47
Fax: 088 - 157 92 55

Customs transport

Reports (by lorry/lighter/rail) related to:

  • emergencies during customs transport (e.g. an accident)
  • failure to obtain permission to unload
  • the emergency procedure

should be sent to:

  • the Central Operations Point Schiphol; and/or
  • the Central Operations Point Rotterdam.

These departments are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You must make the report as follows:

  • Report the emergency by telephone to one of the departments listed below.
  • Send the department an e-mail about the report, with confirmation of receipt.
  • The department sends you an e-mail with a report number.
  • The department will report in this e-mail whether a customs office will attend.

The Central Operations Point Rotterdam: Southern Netherlands: Rotterdam Rijnmond, Rotterdam Haven, Eindhoven and Roosendaal.
Tel: 088 - 151 44 44

The Central Operations Point Schiphol: Northern Netherlands: Groningen, Nijmegen and Schiphol Cargo, Amsterdam
Tel: 088 - 158 27 80
Fax: 088 - 158 27 83

No permission to unload

In a number of cases the Transit/NCTS system will not generate permission to unload. Have you not received permission to unload the goods with a message giving permission to unload (IE043)? And have the goods been transported with a seal or exemption from sealing? In that case these goods can be unloaded, but you must keep the goods available for inspection. 

Note: If the goods were transported in a sealed vehicle, they may not be unloaded without a message giving permission to unload (IE043). In both situations Customs will arrive at your location within 120 minutes. Is a different period of time given on the last page of your permit? In that case this different time period applies to you. 

Have you not received a response from Customs within the set time period, has Customs not turned up and have you still not received the ’permission to unload’ (message IE043) within the response time? In either situation you should contact one of the above departments by telephone after the response time has passed. Customs will issue potential a 'permission to unload' via the Transit/NCTS system. Once you have received the ’permission to unload’ you can unload the goods transported in a sealed vehicle.

Emergency procedure

Are there irregularities upon arrival? If so, you should report this immediately by fax - or send in a manner as determined with you - to the above departments using the Customs Notification. The content of this report is given in the description of the Emergency Procedure Admitted Addressee Emergency Procedure Admitted Addressee (only available in Dutch, Noodprocedure NCTS toegelaten geadresseerde).

P.S. (1) On departure there is no need to make a report unless a reporting requirement is given in the permit. (2) If goods arrive that are listed in a carnet TIR, you should fax - or send in a manner as determined with you - the model Customs Notification to your central report office. The content of the report is given in the description of the Emergency Procedure NCTS Admitted Addressee for the goods transported under the TIR arrangement (TG-TIR) Emergency Procedure NCTS Admitted Addressee for the goods transported under the TIR arrangement (only available in Dutch).

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