How do I file a declaration in DECO?

On 1 July 2021, Customs starts a new declaration system for the import of e-commerce goods: DECO. DECO enables you to file regular declarations or declarations within the framework of the import scheme.

You use DECO to file a declaration for your e-commerce goods the value of which does not exceed an amount of up to and including € 150. Do you wish to use the VAT exemption and the specific data set (SRD)? In that case, you have the obligation to use DECO.

You do not have DECO yet?

You can acquire DECO at your supplier of customs software.

Declarations in DECO are similar to DMS or AGS declarations

However, the specific data set for declarations in DECO has fewer elements than those of a declaration in DMS or AGS.

You send your declarations in a zip file

It is the obligatory file format. It contains a maximum of 10,000 messages and it has a maximum size of 14 MB for each file.

The best processing enables you send 3,000 to 5,000 messages in 1 file. If performance problems occur as a result of sending small files in the HTG surroundings, we will buffer the files and we will forward them to DECO at a later moment in time.

Do you have a technical question about the connection or about the software?

Do you have questions about your declaration in DECO?

Please send us an E-mail:

Use this E-mail address only in respect of questions about a declaration in DECO. As a subject line in your E-mail, please state: 'DECO', your MR number and your PLATO number.

Typically: DECO 21NL8TDE2PO02TAER9 PLATO 2355668

Do you have any questions about a declaration which you have not filed yet? Call the Dutch Customs Information Line for businesses.

If you cannot file a declaration in DECO as a result of computer failure?

Please contact the National Helpdesk Customs: tel. no. (088) 156 66 55 or via the contact page of the Dutch Customs National Helpdesk.

Customs may make a visit for a physical check

Once you have filed the Presentation Notification (IE432 Presentation Notification), we assume that the goods are available for a check on location. We may visit your company to check the consignments. It may be that checks take place in the evening hours or during the weekend.

Do you wish to make an appointment about the times of checks? Please get in touch with the commercial contact point in your area.

Further information

This page will shorty contain Frequently Asked Questions about filing a declaration in DECO.