National Cooperation

Dutch Customs have contact with representatives from all the links in the logistics chain on a cyclical basis through the National Committee on Trade Facilitation* (ODB). At ODB events, we discuss issues relating to the movement of goods across the EU’s external borders with the business community, other enforcers and the ministries for which we work. These may be topics of an operational nature (such as modifications to IT systems and questions relating to practical implementation), issues at a tactical level (such as the implementation of amended or new legislation), knowledge development, or matters that are more strategic in nature. Working closely with the National Committee, the Customs Administration has drawn up a strategic development agenda.

Equality and mutual transparency form the basis of the dialogue. As cooperation between Dutch Customs and the business community is so close, the ODB has been designated a National Trade Facilitation Committee for the Dutch government. This Committee follows on from the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement and aims to ensure transparent and efficient government in relation to international business involved in the movement of goods.

*WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF), involving all relevant government agencies, including the full and active participation of Customs administrations, given the key role that Customs play at borders in facilitating and securing global trade.

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