Serving businesses and citizens also means proactively providing them with information so that they can meet their obligations and know their rights. The information we provide is correct and complete. We ensure that our systems are accessible and that doing digital business with us is easy.

It is important for foreign companies thinking about setting up in the Netherlands or importing goods to receive good, reliable information about customs procedures with an economic impact, technical issues and fiscal obligations. This is why we have set up the International Investors Desk (APBI). The International Investors Desk works with the LWT and the Binding Tariff Information (BTI) team. The BTI is an appealable decision which ensures legal certainty by clarifying in advance the classification of goods and the related customs tariff. Dutch Customs also work closely with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate). The NFIA also assists and advises companies from abroad when setting up, rolling out and/or expanding their international activities in the Netherlands.

Dutch Customs have created a number of contact options for questions of a general nature. In addition to the Administration's own website (also in English), there is a Dutch Customs Information Line for businesses. And businesses already known to Dutch Customs can contact one of our customer managers directly or through the regional Business Contact Point (BCP).

We put the customer at the heart of our service provision, both in our day-to-day operations and in the development of new service concepts. This means that we know what customers need and respond accordingly. We work on compliance to the satisfaction of our customers, evaluating our services using the 'Fiscal Monitor' survey. Our 'Proof of Good Service' report informs the business community about how we are performing. We also use the report to work with the business community on how the service can be improved.

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