ICS2: Entry by Sea: what is the planning?

The process of Entry by Sea is changing. This page will keep you informed about the plans for Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

Availability and transition period ICS2

The Netherlands plans to start using release 3 of ICS2 on 3 June  2024.

Until then, the current system will stay the same, and you'll need to use ICS1 for Entry Summary Declarations (ENS).

Starting 3 June 2024, you can use ICS2 for filing your ENS, but this only applies to goods coming into the EU by sea with the Netherlands as country of entry.

In consultation with us, you can switch to ICS2. There is a transition period:

  • for maritime carriers from 3 June 2024 to 4  December 2024
  • for housefilers from 4 December 2024 to 1 April 2025

You have to do a Self-Conformance Test

Before you can use ICS2, you'll need to pass a Self-Conformance Test. The EU's testing environment is ready for use, allowing you to proceed with the test. If you have an IT service provider, they can do the test for you.

For more details on the test, check out the document called 'Conformance Test Organisation Document for Economic Operators', available on the EU website within the ICS2 Conformance Testing Documentation section.

Before you start testing, send your test plan to this mailbox OSWO-DOUANE-Support@douane.nl.

Requesting a Deployment Window

If your company operates as a maritime carrier or housefiler with a Dutch EORI number and imports goods into the EU by sea, you need to apply for a deployment window to connect to ICS2. Make sure to apply by 3 June 2024. When you apply for the deployment window, tell us when you plan to switch to ICS2 during the transition period.

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