Export: after submitting the declaration

Submitted an export declaration? Customs can then inspect your declaration. After obtaining our authorisation you may take the goods to the customs exit office.

Goods may only be removed after obtaining authorisation

We may inspect the declaration, the goods and the corresponding documents. You may only remove the goods after obtaining our authorisation.

Customs also inspects goods in terms of safety, health, economy and the environment. For example, if you export waste we examine whether you have a permit to do so. Or a health certificate if you export meat.

Once the goods have been released we send a message to the customs exit office. This is the competent customs office for the place where the goods are exiting the European Union. In the Netherlands this is always a seaport or airport. You must transport the goods to this location.

Transport to the exit office

No Export Accompanying Document is required to transport goods from the customs export office to the customs exit office in the Netherlands.

Are the goods leaving the EU from the Netherlands and do you have a combined authorisation AEO-C/AEO-S? In that case, you may seal the transport vehicle yourself. If we inspect your goods you can ask us to seal the transport vehicle once more after the inspection.

Demonstrating the 'origin' of your goods

Goods originate from the EU if they have been produced, harvested or extracted there. There may be occasions on which you must demonstrate that your goods originate from the EU. If, for example, you wish to pay reduced or no import duties in your export country.

Do you have an Approved Exporter permit? In that case, you may personally declare that your goods originate from the EU. No permit yet? In that case, you may apply for an Approved Exporter permit.

More information?

You can read more about export and the origin of goods in the Customs Manual:

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