Export: submitting a declaration

Are 'European Union goods' leaving the EU? If so, you must submit an export declaration to Customs. European Union goods are goods in free circulation within the EU. Examples are goods that have been produced in the EU, or goods on which import duties have been paid in the EU.

You do not need to submit an export declaration if you are exporting goods to an EU country.

Submitting a declaration

You can submit an export declaration to Customs yourself, or have someone else do it for you. The declarant must be based in the EU. You can submit a declaration to your customs office, or the office where the goods were packaged or loaded for transport.

Declarations can also be submitted electronically. To do so you need an 'Electronic Messaging Registration'.

Emergency procedure

In the Netherlands you submit an electronic declaration using DMS or AGS. What if DMS or AGS is not working? You may then be able to use the emergency procedure.

Submitting a simplified declaration

Would you like to submit a simplified declaration by registering in the administration of the provider? Then you need a permit. Read the explanatory notes and general terms and conditions here:

More information?

You can read more about export, and the origin of goods in the Customs Manual:

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