Import: submitting a declaration (for businesses)

Are the goods entering the EU? And are they intended to be used in the EU? If so, you must file a declaration.

Submitting a declaration

You can do your own declaration or have this done by a representative.

Would you like to do your own? Then you must first request so-called ‘Electronic Messaging Registration’. You can do this via the Customs National Helpdesk: 088 - 156 66 55.

Emergency procedure

In the Netherlands you submit an electronic declaration using AGS. What if AGS is not working? You may then be able to use the emergency procedure.

Submitting a simplified declaration

Would you like to submit a simplified declaration by registering in the administration of the provider? Then you need a permit. Read the information and general terms and conditions here.

More information?

In the Customs Handbook, you can read all about submitting a declaration and the regulations on free movement:

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