Import: submitting a declaration for fresh bananas

Are you submitting a declaration for fresh bananas with goods code 08039010? Then you need a ‘Permit from an accredited banana weigher’.

This certificate enables you to set the net weight of the fresh bananas. The weight is stated on a weight certificate. You will need this certificate if you must pay import duties for the bananas.

Send us a message before you weigh the bananas

In this message, you must state:

  • your name and EORI number
  • date and time of the weighing
  • location of the weighing
  • number of your weight certificate
  • identification details of the transport method used to import the bananas into the EU
  • country of origin of bananas
  • type of packaging
  • number of packing units
  • brand(s)

You must send your message via email and ask for confirmation of receipt. The email address is:

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