Refund of bpm if a used motor vehicle is exported

If you export a used passenger car, delivery van or motorcycle, you may receive a partial refund of the bpm if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Conditions for refund

You qualify for a refund if:

  • the motor vehicle was given a Dutch registration number on or after 16 October 2006
  • the motor vehicle is no damaged vehicle
  • it is safe to drive the motor vehicle
  • the motor vehicle is permanently registered in another EU Member State, or in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway and has been (or will be) brought to the country of registration
  • the motor vehicle is registered with the RDW (the Netherlands Vehicle Authority) with the status of 'export'
    Documents should attest that registration took place within 13 weeks after obtaining the status of 'export'.

How do you apply for a refund?

You should first register the car with the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) for export. More information can be found via the RDW website.

After that, you apply for the refund using one of the following forms:

Do you have any questions about a refund? In that case, call Tax Information Line Cars.

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