Living or working abroad

If you live in the Netherlands, you must state your complete worldwide income in your tax return. Your income from abroad is also part of your worldwide income (for example income from employment or foreign property).

Deductions when living in the Netherlands with income from abroad

Do you live in the Netherlands and do you have income from abroad? If so, you must declare your entire worldwide income in your tax return. In order to prevent you from paying income tax on the same income in several countries, you receive a deduction for the avoidance of double taxation in the Netherlands.


Deductions when living abroad with income from the Netherlands

If you are living abroad, but do have income from the Netherlands, we consider you a non-resident taxpayer. Only the income on which the Netherlands may levy tax is important to us.


Tax credits (international)

Depending on your personal situation, you can get the full amount of the tax credit, part of the amount or no tax credit.


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