The term RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an easy way to automatically receive news updates from your favourite websites. RSS alert mechanism sends a signal ('there is news') if you have signed up for RSS feeds. A direct link in this alert will ensure that you do not have to search for any reporting that is relevant to you.

What do you need for RSS?

In order to be able to receive RSS feeds, you will need an RSS reader. This reader is integrated in the browser of your software package (for example in Google Chrome). You can also download a free reader from the Internet. They can be found easily if you use a search engine. With an RSS reader, you will be able to see - in a single overview - the RSS feeds from websites you have selected.

How to sign up?

You have an RSS reader that is integrated in your browser
In that case, you can click on (one of) the below RSS feeds. The feed will then automatically be added to your reader. After that, you may have to click on 'sign up' or 'subscribe'.

You have to download an RSS reader
Download an RSS reader first. Once you have installed the program, you can sign up for RSS feeds from the Netherlands Tax Administration and Customs. For this, you usually have to add the addresses of your favourite RSS feeds to your RSS reader. Please consult the instructions of this reader.

Latest news on the Tax Administration and Customs via RSS

You can also use an RSS reader for the latest news on the Tax Administration and the latest news on Customs. The aim of this digital news provision is to inform entrepreneurs and tax consultants via the website of the Tax Administration once every 2 weeks on average. It contains a mixture of business news, background information, articles, information on and from large projects, a calendar and more. The news provision 'Latest News for private individuals' is intended for private individuals.

Please sign up directly via RSS. Select your option below and click on the link.

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