On this website, you can perform a search using keywords. You type 1 or more keywords and click on 'Search'. If you type 2 or more keywords, you will only see the results containing all keywords.

Search for an exact combination of words

Use double quotation marks (") to search for an exact combination of words only. For example: "electronic income tax return".

Search using operators: or, + and -

You can use so-called Boolean operators (or, +, -).

Uppercase or lowercase letters

The search program is not case-sensitive. So it does not matter whether you type in keywords in uppercase or lowercase letters.

German and Dutch

Do you want to search the available German or Dutch language information? In that case, you should go to the German or Dutch version of the website first.

Search results

The search program will search the whole website. So you will see results contained in the Tax Administration, Customs and Benefits sections.

Spelling suggestions

In certain cases, the search program will provide spelling suggestions (to be recognised by: 'Did you mean …'). By clicking on such a spelling suggestion, you will adjust the search to the spelling suggested.

Keyword synonyms and variations

The search program does not only search the keyword itself, but also synonyms or words with a similar meaning. The search program also searches simple variations of keywords, such as plural forms and conjugations.

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