Registration form Foreign companies


You can read the PDF by using Adobe Reader. You can download this programme from Adobe. The Tax Administration is not responsible for the installation and use of the reader.

This form enables you to register as a foreign company at the Netherlands Tax Administration for VAT, corporation tax, payroll taxes and transfer tax return. Foreign tax service providers can also use this form to register with the Netherlands Tax Administration.

Instructions for filling in the form

You can fill in the form on the computer. You need Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher. Once you have duly completed the form, you can print it, sign it and send it by mail, with sufficient postage, to:

Postbus 2892 
6401 DJ Heerlen
The Netherlands

Problems with completing the form?

It is best if you complete the form on a computer. We cannot guarantee a proper functioning on a tablet or smart phone.

If you are unable to complete the form on your computer, you should first save the form. You can do so by right-clicking on the link of the form and selecting 'Save target' (this term may differ per browser).

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