Screen Description: Change e-mail address

The English translation of the various parts of this screen is given below the screenshot. Each part of the image has a reference number from top to bottom.

  1. Title: Change e-mail address
  2. Instruction text: You can change your e-mail address here. We will use this e-mail address to send you your username or password if you forget them.
    You can also delete your e-mail address. To do this, clear the field.
  3. Please note!
    If you have changed your e-mal address, we will send a confirmation to the new e-mail address.
  4. Input field: E-mail address
    The e-mail address must be entered correctly to continue. If you leave the field empty, the e-mail address we have for you will be removed.
  5. Button: Approve
  6. Button: Cancel