Screen Description: Forgotten password

The English translation of the various parts of this screen is given below the screenshot. Each part of the image has a reference number from top to bottom.

  1. Title: Password forgotten
  2. Username text field (not editable)
  3. Instruction text: Enter the answer to the question.
    If your answer matches the one you provided earlier, we will send you your new password by e-mail.
  4. Text field with your security question (not editable)
  5. Text box: Answer
    Formulate the answer to your security question in the text box. Try to come up with an answer that you can exactly reproduce. The answer to your chosen question may be up to 100 characters long.
  6. Subtitle: Security code
  7. Solve this calculation and give the answer in numbers. For example: the answer to '? + 5 = 8' is '3'. This is used to verify that you are a person and not a computer.
  8. Fill in the missing number: [input field where you enter the missing number] + <the number shown on the screen> = <the sum of both numbers>
  9. Button: OK
  10. Button: Cancel