Screen Description: Enter e-mail address

The English translation of the various parts of this screen is given below the screenshot. Each part of the image has a reference number from top to bottom.

  1. Title: Enter e-mail address
  2. Instruction text:Please enter your e-mail address. This will make it possible to send your username or password to you within 24 hours if you have lost them.
  3. Question: Do you want to give your e-mail address?
    • Choice: Yes
    • Choice: No

      Make a choice here to continue.
  4. Please note!
    You can also choose not to provide an e-mail address. If you forget your username or password, you will need to call the BelastingTelefoon. The information is shown in a new window but is not translated into English.
    You will receive your username or password by post at your home/branch address. This means that you will not be able to access your username or password straight away. Bear this in mind: you must file your tax return on time.
  5. Button: Approve