All the account numbers of the Tax and Customs Administration

We have several bank account numbers. The account number you must transfer money to can be found on the notice you received from us. Usually that number is NL86INGB0002445588. Does the notice show a different bank account number? And do you doubt that it is ours? Then use this list to check the number.

The following account numbers belong to us:

  • NL86INGB0002445588
  • NL04INGB0000361564
  • NL09INGB0000940079
  • NL11INGB0000004866
  • NL12INGB0000004848
  • NL26INGB0000441290
  • NL28INGB0000524383
  • NL40INGB0000734657
  • NL41INGB0000756755
  • NL42INGB0000064933
  • NL43INGB0000190821
  • NL49INGB0000441070
  • NL51INGB0000068457
  • NL61INGB0000940113
  • NL72INGB0000361795
  • NL72INGB0000940109
  • NL73INGB0000004817
  • NL73INGB0000940091
  • NL78INGB0000444040
  • NL78INGB0000940001
  • NL85INGB0000004892
  • NL88INGB0000145100
  • NL88INGB0000441047
  • NL89INGB0000004820
  • NL96INGB0000004791
  • NL96INGB0000128951

Does the account number appear in the list?

Then you can transfer the money to us.

Does the account number not appear in the list?

Do not transfer the money, but call the Tax Information Line: 0800 - 0543.
Are you calling from abroad? Then call: +31 555 385 385.