How do I apply for a citizen service number (bsn) for myself or another heir living abroad?

Let's first check whether you already have a citizen service number (bsn). If you live or work in the Netherlands or have done so in the past, you usually have one. You may find it on 1 of the following documents:

  • your Dutch passport, identity card or driving licence
  • an income tax assessment (aanslag inkomstenbelasting) or a tax return letter (aangiftebrief) you have received from us
  • your Dutch pay slip, annual statement (jaaropgaaf), health insurance card (zorgpas) or health insurance policy (zorgpolis)

Do you have DigiD? Check MijnOverheid.

Are you applying for a citizen service number for someone else? First check whether he or she already has one. Ask them to look this up in their own paperwork or at MijnOverheid.

What if there is no citizen service number?

Please send us a letter with the following information:

  • the reason why you need the citizen service number (for instance, 'filing an inheritance tax return')
  • your address details abroad
  • the telephone number or email address where you can be reached (in case we have questions)
  • a copy of valid proof of ID
  • a (copy of the) certificate of residence from your country of residence in Dutch, German or English

Please note!

This certificate of residence cannot be more than 6 months old.

Where do I send my letter?

Our address is:

Belastingdienst buitenland
Afdeling Klantregistratie
Postbus 2891
6401 DJ Heerlen
The Netherlands

Can I apply for a citizen service number for someone else who does not live in the Netherlands?

Yes, but that person must declare in writing that they authorise you to apply for a citizen service number. This authorisation must contain a date and the signature of that person. We also ask for a copy of the person's ID or passport. Include this information with your letter.

For the rest it works the same way as above. But we of course need the address details and other information of that other person. So wherever we use 'you' or 'your', it concerns that person's details. We will send the citizen service number to the person for whom you made the application.

How long does it take for the citizen service number to arrive?

You will need a little patience. Once we have received your application, it will take approximately 8 weeks before you (or the other person) receive the citizen service number.