Am I emigrating if I am moving abroad?

You emigrate when you go to live permanently in another country. Your holiday to another country is therefore not emigration.

When is living in another country permanently?

To determine this, we look at several circumstances:

  • At which address are you spending most of your time?
  • Where does your partner or family live?
  • Where do you work?
  • Where do you have health insurance?
  • Where do you have a general practitioner (family doctor)?
  • Where are you a member of one or more associations?
  • If you have children, where do they go to school? Or where do they follow an education or a study?

Are you unsure which country you live in? And where you have to pay tax or are socially insured?

Then let us assess your situation. Write us a letter and explain your situation. Send your letter to your tax office (only available in Dutch).