What are you not permitted to include in your household effects?

When you are moving from another country to the Netherlands, certain goods are subject to special rules. Examples are:

  • goods for which you pay excise duties in the Netherlands
    Do your household effects include products containing alcohol (such as wine or spirits)? If so, you must pay import duties for them.
    You are not allowed to send any tobacco products with household effects unless those tobacco products bear valid Dutch excise seals. Unsealed tobacco products may not be included in household effects. What if Customs finds them? They will seize all of the tobacco products and charge the corresponding taxes.
  • cars and motorcycles
    You have applied for an exemption for bpm (tax on cars and motorcycles) for your car or motorcycle (motor vehicle).
    Are you moving from another EU country? Go to I am moving to the Netherlands from an EU country for more information.

    Are you moving from a non-EU country? Read more on I am moving to the Netherlands and want to import my household effects to the Netherlands without paying import duties.
  • specific products and domestic animals:
    • dogs and cats
    • counterfeit articles
    • endangered species
    • animal products
    • weapons and ammunition
    • narcotics
    • cultural goods (such as arts and antiques)
      For more information, go to Restricted or prohibited to import or export.
  • goods for the practise of a profession
    You will not under any circumstances be granted an exemption for import duties on materials (other than portable instruments) for the practise of a profession.

Ban on imports of goods from Russia

Due to the sanctions against Russia, it is prohibited to purchase certain goods in Russia and import them into the EU. If you are travelling from Russia to the EU or moving from Russia to the EU, you must check to which goods the import ban applies. To find out which goods are involved, check Annex XXI of Regulation EU 833/2014. No exemptions are possible from the import ban.

For specific questions about cars and motorcycles, call the Tax Information Line Cars. For all other questions, call the Customs Information Line.

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