You are moving to the Netherlands from an EU country

Are you moving to the Netherlands from another EU country? If so there is no need for you to declare your removal goods or personal goods to Customs. That is because there is freedom of movement for goods in the European Union (EU).

Alternative rules apply here.

  • excise goods
    You are not liable for duties for excise goods that you bring with you from another EU Member State for your personal use. The rules are given in:
    Exemption from duties / payment of duties if you move to the Netherlands from another EU country
  • cars and motorcycles
    You can apply for an exemption from private vehicles and motorcycle tax (BPM) using the following form: Vrijstelling bpm - Vrijstelling bpm bij verhuizing (application form for a licence granting exemption from bpm upon moving - only available in Dutch).
  • specific products and domestic animals:
    • dogs and cats
    • counterfeit articles
    • endangered species
    • animal products
    • weapons, munitions and fake weapons
    • narcotics
    • cultural property

Rules for specific products and domestic animals are given in the Traveller's baggage section of this website.

Do you have any specific questions about cars and motorcycles? If so, call Tax Information Line Cars.

For all other questions, call the Customs Information Line.

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