I am travelling from outside the European Union (EU) to the Netherlands

Going through Customs without surprises? Then know what you are bringing in to the Netherlands, or another European Union (EU) country. This page shows if you are allowed to bring a product with you and when you have to pay taxes.

Are you travelling by private ship or private airplane or are you a crew member? Other rules apply:

When do I not pay taxes for the products I bring in?

You are allowed to bring in duty free:

  • products you purchased on your trip outside of the EU; if the total value is €430 or less
  • 1 litre of spirits, whisky for example, or 2 litres of wine or 16 litres of beer
  • 200 cigarettes or 250 gram hand-rolling tobacco or 50 cigars

Personal luggage is also duty free. This is the luggage you bring with you from the Netherlands for your travels. For example, your tooth brush or photo camera.

Read more: What am I allowed to bring with me duty free?

When do I do pay taxes for the products I bring in?

You do pay taxes for:

  • products you purchased outside the EU during the trip, if the total value exceeds € 430
  • alcoholic beverages and tobacco, if you bring in above your allowance
    The amounts you are allowed to bring in duty free is listed above (concise) and on page What am I allowed to bring in duty free? (extensive).

Are you bringing in more goods? Declare your goods and choose - when you pass Customs - the aisle 'Goods to declare/Aangifte goederen'. Read more: I am bringing in above my allowance.

What cannot be imported?

Not all products can simply be brought in. Counterfeit articles, for example, or € 10,000 or more, food, and animals and plants. Read more: Restricted or prohibited to import/export.

Transit in the EU

Are you travelling to the Netherlands and you have to transit in the EU? And you have goods to declare in you hand luggage? Declare your hand luggage at the airport where you enter the EU. You declare hold baggage in the Netherlands.

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