I am bringing in above my allowance

Are you bringing in above your allowance? Choose the passage 'Goods to declare' at Customs. We calculate the amount of import duties, VAT or excise that you must pay. You have to settle the amount with us promptly. Are you travelling by private aircraft or vessel? Check which customs office you need for your declarations.

Knowing when not to pay taxes? Read more: What am I allowed to bring in duty free?

The value of my goods is less than € 700

Are you bringing in above your allowance, however the value of your goods is less than € 700? You can then make use of the favourable passenger fares.

The following conditions apply:

  • You have to declare the goods yourself
    What if we check your luggage and then discover you had to declare? In that case, you may not make use of the passenger fare.
  • The goods are intended for personal use
    You are therefore not allowed to use the goods for trade, your profession or company.

Upon determining the value, we exclude:

  • goods you are allowed to bring in duty free
  • books, newspapers and magazines
  • goods for which no import duties are applicable
    We can inform you further when you file the declaration.

Table: Special travellers' rate (see above for which you are permitted to use this)

Description of the goods Import duty Excise duty VAT
Spirits and liquor


€ 6.41 per liter

€ 1.52 per liter

Cigarettes containing cloves


59,98%  1) 17% 1)
Other cigarettes


59,98%  1) 17% 1)
Smoking tobacco
(hookah tobacco is
also smoking tobacco)


59,98%  1) 17% 1)
Books, newspapers and magazines




Other goods

2,5 %



1) These percentages are calculated over the retail price.

What cannot be imported?

Not all products can simply be brought in. Counterfeit articles, for example, or € 10,000 or more, food, and animals and plants.

Read more: Restricted or prohibited to import/export.

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