What happens after I file my return?

After receiving your declaration we will record your data in our systems. Then we assess if your vehicle must be subjected to an additional check. If an additional check is required, we will make an appointment with you on where and when we will inspect your vehicle.

Do you have to pay bpm? Then we aim to send you a payment message within 7 working days.

After receipt of your payment, we will inform the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) that they can issue the registration card for your vehicle. You will receive this card by post.

Don't you have to pay bpm? Then we will immediately inform RDW that they can send you the registration card.

Declaration with a valuation report

Do you file a bpm declaration or notification based on a valuation report? In that case you must keep the vehicle at your disposal in its unaltered state during 6 working days, starting from the moment we receive your complete declaration. The inspector may request you to show the vehicle at one of the locations of 'Domeinen Roerende Zaken'. You must then show your vehicle for a valuation. It must be in the same condition as you have indicated in the report. This valuation is done at your own expense.

Declaration by an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, we will check your return once you have paid the specified bpm. It is possible that you will receive an additional tax assessment. Have you already sold the motor vehicle? If so, it is possible that you will no longer be able to recover the additional bpm assessment from your buyer.

Declaration by a permit holder

Are you a permit holder, and do you pay the bpm retrospectively? In that case, we directly inform the RDW that they can issue a registration card.

Is a revaluation required? In that case, too, we directly inform RDW that they can issue a registration card. After receiving the report on the revaluation the recalculated gross bpm amount will be set. You will be notified of this.



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