How to submit a bpm return, notification or specification

To submit your bpm return, notification or specification as an entrepreneur, please use the form Aangifte/melding/opgaaf bpm (Return/notification/specification bpm, only available in Dutch).

As a private individual, you can choose whether you file a bpm return online or on paper. Find out more on Aangifte bpm doen bij aanvraag Nederlands kenteken (only available in Dutch).

Before you can submit a bpm return, you must have the motor vehicle identified or inspected at an RDW inspection centre. The RDW will send us the vehicle details digitally.

Please note!

Bpm returns are processed automatically. You can shorten the processing time by sending your documents in one envelope in the following order:

  1. form Aangifte/melding/opgaaf bpm (Return/notification/specification bpm, only available in Dutch).
  2. annexes to the bpm return form
  3. other attachments such as invoice, price list, CvO
  4. valuation report

Do you wish to send several bpm declarations in 1 envelope? Then make sure you add the appropriate attachments to the relevant declaration.

Return or notification with a valuation report

Do you submit a bpm declaration or notification based on a valuation report? In that case you must keep the vehicle at your disposal in its unaltered state during 6&nsbp;working days starting from the moment we receive your complete return. Read more about it on What happens after I file my return?

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