I want to register for the One Stop Shop

If you do not have a username and password yet:

  1. Register your enterprise with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration using the Registration form foreign companies.
  2. Submit the completed registration form to the address listed on that form.
  3. When processed, we will send you 3 letters in Dutch, together with an English information leaflet. The leaflet will explain to you the content of these letters and contains further important information as well.

    You will receive the following 3 letters:
    1. A letter containing a registration number from the Tax and Customs Authority.
      Please note: this is not your registration number for the One Stop Shop. You will only receive this latter registration number after you have registered for the One Stop Shop.
    2. A letter containing your username.
    3. A letter containing your password

  4. You can now use both username and password to log into the OSS registration form. The first time you log in, you have to change your password. Therefore, please follow the additional instruction.