DigiD Authorisation

Would you like to request authorisation now? Please visit DigiD Authorisation (DigiD Machtigen).

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What is DigiD Authorisation?

With DigiD Authorisation, you can have someone else manage your affairs with the Tax Administration. For example, your income tax return. You do not have to provide your own DigiD, because the authorised representative logs in with his own DigiD and authorisation code.

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DigiD Authorisation for entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to authorise someone else to handle certain tax matters in Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk, for example, your VAT return?

If you are a sole proprietor (eenmanszaak) or self-employed (zzp'er), you can request an authorisation via DigiD Authorisation. Other entrepreneurs arrange authorisation via eHerkenning. If you do not have eHerkenning yet, visit This is how eHerkenning works for more information.

What is the authorisation for?

You authorise someone:

  • to file your income tax return on your behalf
  • to request a postponement of filing your income tax return
  • to object to your income tax assessment
  • to sign your tax return on your behalf
  • to download certain information, such as your salary and the WOZ value of your house
    This information will then be entered in the online tax return.

When can you not use DigiD Authorisation?

If you have a tax return filed on paper. In that case, you sign the tax return yourself. Your representative, accountant or tax consultant can also do this on your behalf after you have authorised him in writing.

Submitting a tax return with your tax partner

If you wish to authorise someone to file your and your tax partner's tax return, then request authorisation for you and your tax partner.

What is the term of validity of a DigiD Authorisation?

When applying for a DigiD authorisation, you can choose the term of validity of the authorisation: 1 specific tax year, 1 day, 1 year, several years or all tax years. The latter is useful if someone files income tax returns for you for years in a row. In that case, you do not have to request authorisation every year.

You stay in control

You can request an overview of your requested and activated authorisations via DigiD Authorisation at all time. This is also where you can revoke an authorisation. For example, if you had authorised someone to file your income tax return. You can withdraw that authorisation after your tax return has been filed. This way, you prevent the other person from continuing to view your tax information.

Next of kin authorization

If you want to apply for a next of kin authorisation, visit Hoe vraag ik een nabestaandenmachtiging aan? (only available in Dutch).