When will I receive a tax decision on my return as a non-resident taxpayer?

We understand you would like to know when you will receive our tax decision upon filing your return. Unfortunately there’s no way to indicate when exactly that will be.

Officially the processing time for your return may take as much as 3 years. We must have definitively imposed the income tax return for 2022 by 31 December 2025 at the latest. However, usually it won’t take that long at all.

Have you had a postponement for filing your tax return?

If so, we will add the period of postponement to the period of 3 years within which we must send you a final assessment.

Haven’t you heard anything yet, even though you expect to get a tax refund? You may receive interest on top of your refund as well.

You are entitled to receiving repayment interest from 1 July after the tax year you have filed your return for. Have you filed your return for 2022? You will receive repayment interest over your refund as of 1 Juli 2023. Read more about it under Belastingrente (Dutch only).

Please send us your personal income statement if you haven’t done so yet.

We can’t process your tax return without having received your personal income statement.

Download personal income statement