I have filed a 2023 tax return as a non-resident taxpayer - when will I be informed?

You will be informed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly when that will be.

If tax return filed before 1 April, then informed before 1 July

This could be a letter stating that we have received your tax return and that you will receive an assessment as soon as possible. Or you will already receive a provisional assessment.

Please note!

The employees of the Tax information line for non-resident tax issues cannot see when you will be informed.

A final assessment within 3 years at the latest

Officially, we have 3 years to process your tax return as a non-resident taxpayer. We must have imposed the final income tax assessment for 2023 no later than 31 December 2026. Fortunately, this usually does not take that long.

Have you had a tax return postponement? Then we will add the period of that postponement to the 3-year period within which we must send you a final assessment.

Expecting money back? Then you will receive interest from 1 July

Have you filed your 2023 tax return as a non-resident taxpayer and are you expecting money back? Then you will receive interest from 1 July 2024. Read more at Belastingrente (Tax interest, only available in Dutch).

Without an income statement we cannot process your tax return

Have you previously sent us an income statement and are you still a qualifying non-resident taxpayer? Then you do not need to send us a new income statement.

Download income statement