Citizen Service number – what is it and where do I find it?

If you are registered in a Municipality in the Netherlands, you have a citizen service number.

What is a citizen service number?

The citizen service number is a unique number for anyone in respect of matters related to the Dutch government authorities. By having a citizen service number, the Dutch government authorities intend to improve service to you, to combat fraud and to provide more protection for your privacy.

Have you lost your citizen service number?

Your citizen service number is shown in the following documents including:

  • your passport
  • your driving licence
  • your identity card
  • the notification letter you receive from us
  • a tax assessment such as an income tax return you receive from us

Do you not see the citizen service number in your proof of identity? You can find your citizen service number also in: Mijn Overheid (Dutch). You first have to login using your DigiD (Dutch).

You can ask for your citizen service number at the Municipality in which you are registered. You must show a valid proof of identity before your Municipality gives you your citizen service number.

The insurance number has expired

It is no longer possible to apply for an insurance number. From now onwards, you will receive a citizen service number once you register in the Municipality. Everybody must register at a Municipality, also if you come to live in the Netherlands temporarily.

What number is given to a company?

Companies have either a citizen service number (bsn) or a Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number (RSIN), which will depend on what legal form you choose for your company (Dutch).