Publishing ANBI information on a website

An ANBI must publish information on its own website, or on a common website of, for example, a branch organisation.

Mandatory use of standard forms for the publication obligation of large ANBIs

Since 1 January 2021, large ANBIs are required to use standard forms for the publication of data. Large ANBIs are:

  • ANBIs that actively raise money or goods from third parties (fundraising institutions) and whose total income in the relevant financial year exceeds € 50,000.
  • Non-fundraising ANBIs if the total expenses in the relevant financial year are more than € 100,000
    You must complete the form based on the 2020 annual figures.

Different versions of the standard form

We have developed different versions:

Please download the applicable standard form from our website or request them from the various branch organisations. If your organisation is recognised as a charity by the Dutch regulator Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving (CBF), you can also use the Erkenningspaspoort as a standard form. Members of the Interkerkelijk Contact in Overheidszaken, (CIO) can use the standard form based on the covenant.

Is your institution not a large ANBI?

Then you may use the standard form, but this is not mandatory. If you do not use the form, you must publish the following information:

An ANBI must publish the following information on a website:

  • the organisation’s name
    Is the organisation known to the public under a name other than that mentioned in the articles of association? Then publish both names.
  • the RSIN (Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number) or Tax number
  • the contact details: visiting address, mail address
  • a clear description of the purpose of the ANBI
  • the highlights of the policy plan
  • the positions of the directors
    By this we mean the positions of the directors listed in the articles of association, for example 'chair person', 'treasurer' and 'secretary'.
  • the names of the directors
  • the payment policy
    Publish both the remuneration policy for the board as stated in the articles of association and for the management of the organisation. Also publish the remuneration policy for personnel. For this last group, you only have to refer to the collective labour agreement or salary scheme for personnel where applicable.
  • a report of the activities that have already been carried out
  • A financial statement

An ANBI may publish the required information on its own website or on a communicative website of, for example, a branch organisation.

Please note!

A number of exceptions apply when publishing information on the internet.

Information about your ANBI on

We publish the following additional information on

  • The ANBI's website
  • The ANBI’s RSIN or Tax number

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