For businesses: filing digital tax returns

Businesses established outside the Netherlands that do business or open a branch in the Netherlands, must file a digital tax return. You can do this in various ways:

It is possible to file the returns for one type of tax yourself, and outsource the returns for other types of tax.

Please note!

Are you a non-resident tax payer for the corporate income tax? In that case, you can file a tax return using the paper tax return form for non-resident taxpayers.

What happens in case of portal problems?

If there is a service interruption on one of our portals which prevents you from filing your tax return in time we will seek a solution. We can, for example, extend the window for filing your tax return or decide not to impose tax interest.

Is there a malfunction at your premises or at those of your tax service provider (internet or computer problems)? Then you are the one responsible for finding a solution. In that case, you must file your tax return in time as usual.

Please note!

You can keep track of your filed tax returns in your own accounts or via your software package.

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