Statement of Statistics Netherlands

Do you supply more than € 1,200,000 in goods annually to other EU countries? Or do you make acquisitions for more than € 1.000.000 from other EU countries? Then you are required to provide Statistics Netherlands with a statistical statement every month. Are you involved with both intra-Community deliveries and acquisitions? And do you only go above the limit in 1 of these activities? Then you are only required to submit a statement for that one activity. When you exceed the above-mentioned limit for the 1st time then you will receive a request from Statistics Netherlands to provide a statistical statement.

Digital statement

You must provide your statement digitally. This can either be done using the free software package IRIS or your own software.

Further information

Statistics Netherlands 
Freepost 5050 
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The Netherlands 
Telephone: +31 45 570 64 00

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